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Poplar Spring Farm, LLC

 Pasture Raised Non-GMO Meat

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Other options:
Our meat is for sale at our store the Blue Ribbon Market in the town of Halifax. 

Address: 60 S. Main St. Halifax, VA 24558

We offer our broilers in bulk on specific pick-up days. 
Order ahead to buy 10 (or more) broilers for $3.75/pound

We sell whole hogs (you get it custom cut)
Get on our waiting list
$5.35/pound hanging weight (+$.65/lb for link sausage)
~When you sign up, you will get 1 box of    meat/month. 
~Pick up is at our farm or the Blue Ribbon Market
~We may deliver to surrounding areas for $1./lb
~Please let us know if you cannot make it to get your box on the designated day. We'll work with you! If you don't show up and don't let us know ahead of time, you may loose your spot in the club!