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Poplar Spring Farm, LLC

 Pasture Raised Non-GMO Meat
Pasture Raised GMO-free Heritage Pork
​ Choose what fits your family!

   We are now offering a Monthly     Meat Box with all our pork cuts               plus chicken too!

                   Or Bulk

     Whole hog (pick your cuts)
   $5.35/pound hanging weight
+$.65/pound for link sausage
            (deposit required)
                                                                                                 How We Raise 'em
We raise a heritage breed of pigs that grazes. This allows us to keep them on pasture, rotating them as they eat it down and need new forage. The other food they eat is GMO-free grain and vegetables from the garden, grown without the use of chemicals. You will taste the difference in our pork. Large Black hogs are known for their "old world" succulent flavor and fine marbling. Our sausage is a favorite among customers! 

                                                                                    How to Buy in Bulk
If you are interested in buying a whole hog, contact us here. We will confirm your order and then about a month before your pork is ready we will send you a cut sheet to fill out and get your deposit.  
Average hanging weight is about 200 pounds for a whole hog. The meat will be about 25% less than that. You can choose what cuts and sausage you want. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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